Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rundgren preview

"Afraid," from the forthcoming album, Arena. What do you think?


Neil said...

I haven't heard any new Todd Rundgren in ages. Thanks for the preview. It didn't quite grab me, but I think it could grow on me.

Michael MacLauchlan said...

Thank you for previewing these tracks.

‘Afraid’ is, in my opinion, best song on the upcoming Arena CD. I understand that 'Weakness' and 'Courage' are also contenders for some of the more preferred songs. I’ll know more when the CD is released around 30 Sept 08 - I’ll buy it!

Some of the harder edge tracks such as ‘Strike’, ‘Gun’ ‘Man Up’, and ‘Mountain Top’ are really not my personal cup of tea. I prefer the more optimistic, softer, loving Todd (themes espoused up to No World Order) to the current, angrier Todd.

I wonder if Arena is the album that will reach out beyond TR’s hard-core fan base. Are Deep Purple/ ACDC music fans ready to accept Todd R? If they do, they should get ready for a change – with TR you can count on different themes/feels with each release.

So, here’s to hoping TR’s next release (2010?) is a re-visitation of the softer and kinder flavor of Laura Nero style ballads.