Monday, December 1, 2008

Bob Dylan on marketing

So Dylan just put out another (the eighth, so far) of the "Bootleg Series" compilations of unreleased material. I have most of them because they're great. If you like Dylan, they're indispensable.

The latest one is a 2-CD set, which is available everywhere that still sells CDs, and online through the usual outlets. But there's also a 3-CD version that includes all the songs on old-fashioned vinyl lps, too, and a hardcover book. It goes for about $170 bucks, too rich for me!

But damn, I want those 12 extra songs, so I started poking around online and made a rather interesting discovery. They're here on Dylan's website. Listen to 'em free along with the other 2 CDs... and everything else Dylan ever recorded and released legitimately.

Sure, you can't download and burn 'em onto your hard drive or iPod or a CD but you can listen, which is brilliant marketing.

Of course, Bob is an old advertising guy. Here's a commercial he shot a few years back with one of his grand kids.

And here's another one he did with his car.


Anonymous said...

The secret of Dylan's appeal is his desert-dry sense of humor that goes back to his first recordings. We never really know when Bob's being straight with us, nor do we quite understand why he'd bother not being straight. His Sirius/XM radio program, Theme Time Radio Hour, is absolutely wonderful... and quite funny.

Indeed, he is a brilliant marketeer. He remains the Boomer Generation's greatest enigma.

rap said...

I agree, Mike.

It is a secret, though, that most people aren't in on. Too bad. He's a riot!

Anonymous said...

Richard love your post and of course I love Dylan. I interviewed Steven Wright (comedian) several years ago and he told me this great story about he and Bob Dylan. I think his house was somewhat near Dylan's and sometimes in the middle of the night they would both be out at the beach at the same time. I was thrilled at this so I asked, "Wow, what did Dylan say? What was that like?" and Wright said, "Not much and what he did say was mumbly so I had a hard time understanding him." :>)

rap said...

I'd love to meet Bob and talk to him. If he mumbled, I'd just ask him to speak up!

I know he's got a great sense of humor and dig the hell out of his radio shows, so it would be fun.

Maybe we'd go out for deli or have some white fish and pickled herring.

"Pass the cream cheese, Bob. Is the Nova salty? Save some room for dessert. The rugalach here are killer, man."