RadioShack Spec Campaign

As a writer/producer/project manager for the Miami Herald's in-house marketing unit, Herald Creative, I was part of the team working on spec ad campaigns for the newspaper advertising group made up of the major chains of the day (Knight Ridder, Tribune, Gannett et al).

We were tasked with creating concepts and designs utilizing non-standard ad sizes in interesting and attention-getting ways. Not sure if many (or any) were actually used, but here are some examples of a RadioShack campaign that I conceived and wrote, collaborating with some very talented art directors and designers.



Don't Miss a Beat

Don't Miss a Note

Three-Page Spadia

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Steve Altes said...

Great stuff here!

Cable ad:
I like ads that break the fourth wall like your cable ad. It's attention-getting when the product appears to be sitting on top of the magazine or newspaper. The 3D effect stops me cold every time.

VCR ad:
This ad is effective because of its honesty. "We won't laugh at you." That's a real fear for some people and calling it out humanizes Radio Shack.

Don't Miss a Beat:
Love the Shag-inspired graphic on this.

Don't Miss a Note:
Again you are capturing my attention by showing how the bass rumble from the speaker physically disrupts the type. You are showing me, not telling me, how powerful this speaker is. I'd stop and look at that ad.