Friday, October 31, 2008

Who Are You a/ka/a Amazing Journey

This is the audio of a review of the fantastic biography of The Who's Peter Townshend by Mark Wilkerson.

Originally self-published as "Amazing Journey," a new edition, retitled "Who Are You: The Life Of Pete Townshend" was recently released. In addition to a bit of polish, the new edition boasts an introduction by Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder and a new interview with Townshend.

Wilkerson was not a professional writer when he began, but his herculean research, deft organization and very readable prose certainly earned him the title of "author." It's a terrific book for Who fans and non-fanatics alike.

When this review ran on WLRN-FM
, the Miami NPR station in August 2006, Endless Wire, The Who's first album of new songs in 24 years, had not yet been released, and I was thrilled to debut its new "mini-opera," Wire & Glass following my review (and included herein).

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