Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thinking about lunch

I've seen this in every office I've ever worked — and I bet you have, too.

There's a kitchen or a break area with a refrigerator. People keep their lunches in the refrigerator. At least half put their insulated lunch bags in there, too.

In the refrigerator.

Their insulated lunch bags.

In the refrigerator.

In the cold refrigerator.

Their insulated lunch bags.

What? What are they thinking?

Their lunch is in an insulated bag. Why put it in the refrigerator? It makes no sense.

I used to point this out, but now I just let it slide. (Why make them feel stupid?)

Me, I just pop one of those sealed frozen things in my insulated lunch bag and put it in my desk when I get to work.

The point is not that I'm so smart. I just gave the matter a little bit of thought.

The people who put their insulated lunch bag in a refrigerator could figure this out, too; they just didn't think about it.

Marketers prey on people who don't think.

So do politicians.

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