Wednesday, May 7, 2008

True Crime

I finally filed my review of John Huddy's book, "Storming Las Vegas" this week. I'll post the link when it runs (in The Miami Herald) on Tuesday 5/13.

I also recorded a review of the book for the Miami NPR station, WLRN-FM. I'm a cultural correspondent for the station's South Florida Arts Beat show, though I mostly seem to review Miles Davis albums. But I don't think Miles is releasing anything soon, so I guess I'm done with that, but you never know.

I'll post the text of the WLRN review here, as it includes a longish section reminiscing about Huddy's writing for the Herald in the seventies and eighties. I pitched the paper on an interview with the guy, but for various reasons, it ain't happenin', though I may still do something for Ed Bell and WLRN. The review is scheduled to air on Friday 5/30.

Here's a section of Steve Martin's recent memoir, excerpted in Smithsonian Magazine, that recounts the pivotal role Huddy played in his career.

Imagine! A critic playing a pivotal role in an artist's career!

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