Letter To The Sun-Sentinel


After the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel endorsed Romney, I sent the following as a Letter To The Editor. They didn't publish it but I just posted it on their Facebook page — and here:

Let me get this straight: You favor the lying, outsourcing leader of the plutocratic, anti-woman and science-denying crew of racists and homophobes who obstructed every effort to fix the economy — even opposing programs that they had either devised or supported in the past — over the incumbent president who grew the economy in spite of their obstruction, ended two dangerous (and unnecessary) foreign wars and killed the evil-doer who committed the worst act of terror on American soil along with many of his cohorts.

Your endorsee will cut education expenditures; end Medicare, Social Security and the Affordable Healthcare Act; lower taxes on the under-taxed elite; reverse the decisions to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (and start another one in Iran); expand weapons spending (in spite of your naive wish to the contrary), and embrace the economic policies and deregulation of financial markets that triggered the worst economic conditions in this country since the Great Depression. He will also be responsible for nominating several Supreme Court Justices, whose decisions will set law for the country for many years to come.

Have you lost your senses, Sun-Sentinel? Do you read your own newspaper? For shame!

Richard Pachter
West Boca

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